He was born in Leningrad in 1981.

The participant: «Nevsky shores», «St. Petersburg Fashion Week, VK FEST, Admiralty Needle, Aurora Fashion Week, Galleria Fashion Week.

He studied with bright representatives of art. Alexander Vasiliev — fashion historian and moderator of the program «Fashionable sentence», Natalia Berezkina — photographer and founder of the series «Photo through the eyes of a woman», Nina Lobykina — photo director of «Harper’s Bazaar Russia», Alexander Sushchin — a Russian artist whose works are placed in the World Heritage Organization UNESCO.

He worked as a photographer and videographer with: Vogue UK, LeCityDeluxe Barcelona, ​​NY Times, FHM, HUF, FK Zenith, Russian MusicBox, Zeppelin Group and others;
as a retoucher for agents and representatives of the stars: Annie Leibovitz, Michel Comte, Tim Walker, Vanessa Bristow, Signe Vilstrup.


As an independent photographer, he has been creating, training and promoting high fashion models for more than 10 years with various modeling agencies and production centers. His students successfully conquer podiums and glossy editions in Paris, Milan, London, New York and other major cities in the world.

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